I am a 30-something Leslieviller who is happily self-employed as a marketer, project manager, account director… want to read more about me, professionally Resume

I am a dog owner to two lovely Chinese-Crested Poodles, Lola & Otis…

I am a fitness instructor – cycling for Good Life to be specific (former fitness model)…

I am a downhill skier, a traveller, movie/ TV lover…

I am a girl-friend, daughter, cousin, friend…

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Lori:
    your resume is impressive, but I was always told we shoul keep it to be one page…

    • Thanks O.T. and you are correct some schools of thought say only one page but it depends on the industry and if you have a lot to cover that is relevant. I actually had this version written by a professional and asked her that question! Thanks for reading and the comment.

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