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This past week Brainrider (where I am an Operating Partner) moved in to the Chelsea Shop on Huron Street. I have always loved this building back from when I was an undergraduate student at U of T and love that this is where I will be going to work when I am not at the home office.

Gorgeous photo I found on Flickr (2009)

The Brainrider team moved in February 1st and hosted two events in the space after a lot of work by the entire team to get it ready (there was actually a table saw in the middle of the floor when I arrived on Tuesday morning!) There was the b2b Marketers meet-up that happens every 6-8 weeks (Click here to join the Linked In group, so you can know when the next one is) and the inaugural Toronto User Group for one of our partners Pardot.Nolin kicking off the evening

My research to find the history of this great building has lead me to a long list of businesses that have called this building home:

  • An employee counselling centre
  • An art gallery/ boutique (read The Star article about Dandi Maestre)
  • A place where the Toronto Law of Attraction group had meet-ups
  • A webservices firm called pixcode
  • Business Partnerships Canada – networking site for small businesses
  • Crucible Management Solutions
  • Benflex Inc

The list could likely go on and on since I think the building is almost 200 years old! One thing is wasn’t able to find was the history of what the Shop first was! If you know please share as I am curious what happened in the building in the early 1900s.