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Last weekend (don’t I wish I was somewhere skiing today!) we made the trek down to Bristol Mountain in NY state. It is almost a 4 hour drive from Toronto – depending on how fast you drive.

Now the trip wasn’t very scenic and we worried about the lack of snow on the ground but when we got to the hill we could see that it was high and in some cases quite steep!

Bristol Mountain

View from the parking lot

Skiing was good, lots of hills, lots of variety but the mountain sadly lacked any type of character.  While I love to ski I do enjoy the apres and there wasn’t really a spot to sit and enjoy a drink.  We compare everything to Holiday Valley and most places just can’t compete!

One thing that Bristol has over Holiday Valley is the accommodation options within a 20 minute drive.  We enjoyed our time at the new Holiday Inn Express in Canandaigua.  It was opened in December and has great rooms and free DVDs.

While I still love Ellicottville it is nice to try new places – I am open to any recommendations you might have – Kilington? Peak n Peek? Where should I ski next?