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Friday night I stopped in at the 7-Eleven to get my lotto tickets (couldn’t pass up the chance to win 30 million… side note – I won $10) and noticed a shiny new box in the corner. A Best Buy movie box! I haven’t been able to rent a DVD since Jumbo left the Loblaws building and Rogers shut down.

I know, there is a thing called iTunes and Netflix – I have and use both but this little box will give me a DVD for $1.50 and the first one was FREE! Saturday morning we stopped at the 7-Eleven to grab two DVDs for a trip to the cottage – no wifi so iTunes and Netflix were not an option.  Grabbed two movies effortlessly (as was the return) … and if I wanted to buy them I could just keep the DVD and the charges come to my credit card.

Some cool features:

(Note: I wasn’t compensated by Best Buy or 7-Eleven for this post)