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March is know for coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb… for green beer, sometimes Easter and the spring equinox. Did you know it is also Colon Cancer Awareness Month?

Have you had a colonoscopy? Is it time to book one? If you you are looking for experienced GI doctors, a comfortable atmosphere and almost no wait time then I recommend you check out GI Health Centre.

Now I will disclose that GI Health Centre is a client of mine (check out their new website!) but last month I accompanied a close friend for his ‘procedure’ at GIHC.  It felt more like a spa when you walk through the doors and check in. The colonoscopy was done on schedule and without any complications. We got a full report with pictures.

Now if you have a history of colon cancer in your family or are 50 years old or older you should be calling right now to book a colonoscopy. Colon Cancer is treatable and survivable if it is found early enough. Don’t let the fear of a colonoscopy prevent you from being in control of your colon health!