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I recently wrapped up a course on Courera.org and had to share with everyone – it was amazing. Now I can’t vouch for other programs but the Content Strategy for Professionals offered by Northwestern was top notch.  I signed up for the Signature Track so I could earn the actual certificate through doing the assignment and marking a couple from other students.

The weekly content was done over video divided in to small chunks. There were different guests each week that specialized in specific areas of strategy. I enjoyed the sessions especially when I could do them on my iPad, on the train, to see my dad.

I’ve also recently taken some courses in social media at UBC that cost me $600 a piece and these were more valuable in giving me some actionable skills and ideas.

And if you want to learn something that is more of a hobby than work, they have that too. You can try:

I just signed up for two new ones! You’ve got to check it out.