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So last night, after 1 too many mojitos (for the record I had two but since I don’t drink much…) I dropped my iPhone. Now it wasn’t an epic, fly through the air, drop but a mild from hip height drop but it was the one that broke my screen. Since I couldn’t use my iPhone to take a shot of my own phone I found one online that looked similar.

It was pretty bad!

It was pretty bad!

It was a pretty sobering experience when I looked up what it was going to cost me for a new iPhone 6 and I am currently off contract which is a great feeling (no offence Rogers). I was lucky to remember that a friend had his screen replaced and said it worked well so I started looking for a place downtown and found iRepair.ca and that they have a location on the Danforth!

I arrived 15 minutes before the location opened and was so excited when Mike the owner said he could easily fix it AND that he uses apple parts. It wasn’t even going to take him long. Mike was great, he even offered me a loner but for the 35 minutes it was going to take him, I figured I could survive. I swung home for a quick bite and then went back to pick up my beloved.

Well… it was like taking a brand new phone out the box without all the painful work that goes in to setting up inboxes. She looked gorgeous and it only cost me $110. No need to get a new phone if your screen is busted, if your power button is broken, if you need a new battery or your phone won’t charge. Go see these guys instead or if you are out of town and not near their locations – mail it in!

If you don’t believe me – check out their reviews on Yelp.