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Frolicking in the cottageAs I had mentioned in my intro post & my About section, I am a proud parent to 2 Chinese-Crested Poodles. “What?” You ask… They are poodles crossed with those really ugly hairless dogs (there is really no other way to describe them) and they are totally wonderful.

First I got Lola. Having a dog growing up, once I settled in to my own home I had to get a furry companion and knew shortly after that I needed another dog. Lola sat in the window waiting for me to come home every night. She fell asleep on the window ledge and that is where I would find her when I got home. She was just too sweet to spend her days on her own so we go Otis from her parents second litter.

Otis is the typical little brother giving her a hard time, stealing her cookies and also protecting her in the dog park. He is a lover though.

Otis & Helen

He and I volunteer once a week at a home for seniors where they absolutely adore him and I think he might be the favourite part of their week.

Now those of you who are not pet owners or animal lovers may think I am crazy as I go on about them like they are children but I have to tell you they are certainly part of my family.

It is great to have them now that I work often from home and there is nothing like coming home to someone who is happy to see you no matter how late you are or if you forgot to pick up kibble on the way home.

There will be lots more posts about Lola & Otis – that I can almost guarantee.