I have always wanted to blog and was inspired by my friend Lisa who finally started her blog – Eat It, Like It, Love It (and you may ask why I was inspired for such a simple task like starting a blog? Well Lisa barely tweets so her commitment to blog was very inspiring)- if you like to eat (and who doesn’t) you should sign up for her updates at http://www.eatitlikeitlove.com!

Enough about Lisa and on to me! i am a 30 something, (finally) self-employed marketer and cycling instructor. I have so many interests that I can not start to identify a single theme or idea that will be posted. Some of the likely topics you will see over the next couple weeks:

  • travel
  • contests
  • downhill skiing
  • fitness
  • cooking
  • dogs (my dogs Lola & Otis)
  • great customer service
  • poor, miserable customer service
  • direct marketing
  • Leslieville
  • Toronto

and probably some random, useless things!

I hope you will follow me… offer your comments!

PS  – In case you don’t know what logorrhea means I’ve pasted the definition. Of course I am going with the second meaning as I am not PATHOLOGICALLY INCOHERENT (although some of my colleagues would disagree).


 [law-guh-ree-uh, log-uh-]  Show IPA



pathologically incoherent, repetitious speech.

incessant or compulsive talkativeness; wearisomevolubility.