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I am sure like many of you I am really frustrated with my provider of cable tv, internet and wireless. I spend almost $5,000 with them each year and still get treated like a nobody.

As I do every month I combed through my monthly bill like a forensic accountant and found (as I often do) a charge for something that I had canceled. It was only $20 but it is $20 that they shouldn’t have charged me so I called in and of course they told me ‘yes we billed you but you will get it reversed next month’…

So let me think this through – you take out $20 for January 13- Feb 12 for a service that I had canceled in December. You hold on to my money (and how many other customers) only to give it back to me a month later? How does this make good customer service??

Beyond the billing issues I have started to ask myself ‘Self, do I need to be paying $35 for the channels and $20 a month for the box when I can stream Netflix and content from other channels for free’? So I am taking the plunge and breaking up with cable and returning the PVR box that really did change my life as the man behind the counter said it would.

Anyone else out there do the same?

I will let everyone know if cable and I are quits for good or if we hook up again!