Go volunteer! Otis and I visit with a group of seniors at True Davidson Seniors home once a week and no matter how cruddy my day was it reminds me how many blessings I have in my life and just how wonderful it is to have a pet in your life.

I have seen frowns turn to smiles and some residences who were silent for our first visits now ask Otis how he is! One lady yesterday actually told us that seeing him was the best part of her day.

While he doesn't look it - he loves doing his therapy work!

Otis now just doesn’t belong to me – every single person we visit call Otis their pup and they were so excited when we handed out photos of Otis at Christmas time. They now look forward to Wednesday nights after dinner because they know Otis will be there.

The residences are not the only ones who benefit – Otis gets rub downs and cookies but more importantly I get a reminder of how wonderful my life is and how precious health is and how quickly your youth can disappear making life a challenge.

If you would like to volunteer with your pet, check out Therapeutic Paws. Or find something that you are passionate about and get out there and help someone less fortunate than you; I guarantee that it will make you feel better and you will get more out of it than those you are servicing.