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First stop on a weekend in Tremblant is the Scandinave Spa! Booked for massages we went early to take some time in the waters. For those of you who haven’t done this type of spa, you alternate between:

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Relaxation

Winter Oasis

This was my first trip to this type of spa in the winter and at night so it takes some getting used to; walking around in your bathing suit and flip flops in the snow! The landscaping and design is just wonderful. You can hear waterfalls and smell wood burning. It is very tranquil (especially since there is to be no talking – yes, that is hard for me, we had a few whispered conversations while in the hot pools).

Now part of this process, that has tremendous health benefits is the dip in the cold pool and in addition to cold pools this location has the river. You can actually head down for a dip in the river.

It is as cold as it looks!

I will always try something once!  It is cold… everything went numb and tingled… everything! I went in the river twice in the process before heading in for a massage and would encourage anyone at the Tremblant Scandinave to give it a try!

(I should mention that I have not been compensated by the Scandinave Spa Tremblant and that this post is just chronicling my trip to the mountain)