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This is the third and likely last post on Tremblant as I reminisce about the great weekend. (I sadly don’t have time time ski this weekend and with the temperatures in Ontario I don’t think there will be snow next weekend)

La Savoie

Our one night in the village we decided to try something we haven’t had before and settled on La Savoie – a fondue restaurant.  What is better than a pot of metled cheese! One warning – you must book a reservation and there are two sittings 5:30 and 8:30 (or at least that is all that was available when I called!)

Filet Mignon waiting for a bath in red wine

It is a quaint nordic themed restaurant and great for larger groups since you need two people per fondue type.  We settled on a red wine one with filet mignon but got the melted cheese appetizer to satisfy my need for melted cheese! Some of the tables order the platter that actually gets you a wheel of cheese suspended over a heat source; you shave off soft, warm chunks of cheese.

Our meal was delish! As was the merlot. (sadly we can’t get this Australian bottle of Pfeiffer at the LCBO or even the SAQ) I will likely be back to this restaurant with a larger group to try more of the menu.

Melted cheese!

(I was not compensated for this post, it is just a recount of my wonderful dinner in Tremblant!)