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I have gone on a lot of interviews in the 10+ years I have been in the workforce so this post has been a decade in the making! As a candidate I think you will agree that while you are looking for a new role there is some sacrifice in your time to interview and also prepare for that interview. Additionally, the company looking to hire has a position to fill that makes the process mutually beneficial. Now with both parties in this processes looking to gain and making the sacrifice of time why do so many individuals (on both sides) fail to follow-up with a thank-you note and update?

While this post is not focused on the candidate I will provide the recommendation that if you interview with a company and A) want the role; B) don’t want to come off as rude, send a thank you email at a minimum. A hand written note will really WOW them!

Back to the hiring organization… I am running out of fingers counting how many times I myself (or having heard the same story from friends) have spent 2+ hours meeting people in companies (in addition to the time I took researching), sharing my experience with them only to get no follow up to my emails or voicemails. Now I am not looking for a pat on the back or a ticker-tape parade but just a simple reply to my note that says that it was nice to meet me and thanks me for my time.  I likely had to re-arrange my schedule and/ or take some time off … I just want the acknowledgement in a simple ‘thanks’.

The absence of a reply does impact the way I see a brand.  As a consumer I might not purchase your product next time I am perusing the shelves and as a marketer I might be in the position some day to hire your company.  Not to say I will hold a grudge but I am sure I will remember the time when I sent a thank you note for your time or called to follow up on how I did and what the next steps may be and got nothing but silence.

My experience over the years has made me extra sensitive to when I myself have been recruiting or when someone asks me for a little bit of help… hopefully not too sensitive… What do you think?