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The skis are getting prepped to be put away in the attic after an amazing St. Patrick’s day getaway to Blue Mountain.  We left the overcast skies of Toronto to find sunshine and 25 degree weather up in Collingwood!

Posing on the slopes

As we got dressed to ski we debated what layers we needed – apparently most clothing items we did not need! I skied in a long sleeved T and ski pants without gloves.

Skiing in the spring conditions is tiring and the patios were calling to us so we packed it in and headed to a patio.  But before we could enjoy a drink and the sunshine we had to head to the shops.  I think I was the only one in the entire village who did not know about the early arrival of summer… I had to buy shorts and flip flops to fully enjoy the apres!

We spent a couple hours patio hopping, enjoying a few drinks as we moved through the village and of course we didn’t realize we probably should have put on some sunscreen much earlier in the day.

Enjoying a drink at the base of Blue

While I know that this weather is wrong and we shouldn’t be wearing shorts and sunning after a couple hours of skiing in March, I have to say that it was a fabulous weekend where I really did relax and have a great time. I do hope though that the season lasts much longer next year!