As a spin instructor I have a confession to make… I don’t ride except when I am teaching.  It had been at least five years when I had walked in to Quad East on Thursday to take a class. I was greeted by Micheline who is not only an instructor but one of the owner of the three Quad locations.  She gave me a tour of one of the most stunning studios I have worked out in! (Check out a slideshow of the Quad East space)  Class was preceded by a little pilates led by Micheline upstairs before we headed down to the cycling studio for our ride.

Micheline knows her stuff and loves what she does… and I know this because I know my stuff! Our 45 minute class had me sweating, breathing heavy and thinking I might see my lunch again! Making it all worth it was the 900 calories I likely burnt in those 45 minutes and the feeling of work so intense that my quads are still sore to the touch 3 days later. Maybe that is where they got their name from – SORE QUADS!

While I wasn’t sure I was going to like it and during the class I wasn’t sure I was going to survive, I will be back soon for another spin at Quad.

(This review is an honest review of my experience at Quad however I did receive a complimentary class.  If you are looking to try Quad, find a friend who rides there and have them take you on a Thursday for a free ride – check out the schedule here)