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I absolutely love Ste. Anne’s Spa – if you are in to being pampered you have to treat yourself with a visit. (Check out the services and photos) On Saturday I headed east to the spa with my girlfriend and it was as wonderful as I remember it from a visit back in 2010.

Entrance to total relaxation

I had a Caribbean Body Scrub and a Plant Peel Facial – both I would highly recommend. I was scrubbed and massaged and felt great at the end of each service. The Plant Peel was to take off all the dead layers of skin and make me look younger – I think the mission was accomplished.

You spend the entire time in a bathrobe and slippers and make your way from the steam room to the hot tube to the cold pool and also the relaxation room where you can read or nap. The day just flew by!

Lunch was delicious as was tea time but I have to say that the special part of the day was heading down to the stables to help turn in the horses. We led two horses in from the field, fed them, scratched their itchy spots and made sure they were ready for bed. And even more special than that was the 2 day old foal Ciera, daughter of Noche.

Noche and her neborn

It was the perfect way to end the day! Our guide down at the stables was terrific and I am embarrassed that I don’t remember her name.  She has been working with horses her entire life and you can tell she has a genuine love for them.

I am planning a trip back to the spa in October and will visit the horses again. I recommend a day or weekend of pampering for everyone!

(I was not compensated for this post but would not object to a little thank you from Ste. Anne’s)