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Now I am sure most men read the title of this post and laughed but most women know that a well groomed brow can make you look infinitely better and I do have a girl who makes magic happen with a tongue depressor and a pot of hot wax. (You can find her at L’Attitudes at the Eaton Centre – book with Rebecca) 

On Friday I had an appointment with my eye brow girl but she unfortunately got stuck in the subway and I couldn’t wait around for her to get in so I had to come up with a plan B.

In my neighbourhood there is a Brow House only a five minute walk so I thought I would give them a try.  I sat down in the chair was got the explanation about they shape brows.  Seems that my girl has been waxing me to thin and the Brow House girl wants to try and grow them in to draw attention to my green eyes.  She drew in the goal results with a eyebrow pencil and I thought ‘why not’!

Now I do feel bad, like I am cheating on the other gal but I signed up for a 3 pack at The Brow House in Leslieville which will last me to July. I already planned out the afternoon of June 8th for my next appointment – a couple hours next door at Steeped and Infused with my laptop beforehand.

I will let everyone know how the brows materialize over the summer but here is a before photo:

Right after the ‘old’ eyebrow girl finished working her magic