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As a regular ‘spinner’ it is quite embarrassing that I don’t ride a real bike.  It isn’t that I don’t have one but more that I haven’t made the effort… til now.

Last week I decided to take the first steps and ride the bike to work.  I live and Leslieville and the Brainrider office (see my post about The Chelsea Shop) is on the U of T campus, west of Queens Park.  My journey started shortly before 8am with my helmet on and my laptop in my side bag…

Here is a synopsis of my ride:

Dundas to River

  • Garbage day… made it a very stinky ride… pedal faster to get to the fresh air


  • Best part of the ride – no cars, beautiful homes… feeling free


  • A bit scary… cabs, buses, cars parked in front of Tim’s
  • See the price of gas and feel even better about taking the bike


  • Good thing there is a bike lane…
  • Then the bike lane ends and it is each rider/driver for themselves!

U of T Campus/ Harbord

  • I have essentially arrived and have the grease stain on my leg to prove it

Does this make me a real cyclist?

Don’t ask me about the ride home… that is a whole other story!