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So last weekend was a whirlwind of trips to Home Depot, Loblaws, Sheridan Nurseries… and my friend Lisa’s who split her perennials and donated them to my yard.

Before pic – Lola playing in the bare yard

Money was spent, nails were broken but 99% of the outdoor work is done!

I am shocked to just how great the yard now looks and can’t wait to entertain.  There are lights and a fountain in the pond. It is a backyard oasis!


Beyond showing off my yard I wanted to share some tips:

  • shop around! We thought we were getting a deal at Loblaws with 2 for $25 hanging baskets only to find them the next day at 2 for $16 at Home Depot
  • Try local. East of Eliza at Woodbine on Gerrard was so helpful and they have a nursery in the back with plants and trees that flourish in the shade (important for Leslieville and the Beach)
  • Don’t try and get it done in one day! It helped that we took our time over 3 days to get the yard to where we wanted it

Lola thinks she is getting an in-ground pool!

And here it is all done! What do you think?

All done!