I realized today that I haven’t blogged in awhile but had lots of things I wanted to get down on paper… er, I mean pixels.  I think it is sometimes hard to remember how great your life is when you are sometimes taking on water and don’t have a bucket to bail with nearby.  I am guilty of this…

I have a great family and a special someone in my life, I have two great dogs who love

Synchronized napping in front of the fireplace

me even when I forget to fill the bowl or don’t want to take them for a walk.  I am relatively healthy (see early post about my broken thyroid for more details on that one) and so are most of my friends and family.

More recently I have been reaching out to a lot of social media connections, former colleagues and acquaintances and am thankful to have the channels available to me to meet so many people who I otherwise wouldn’t have.  And doubly thankful for those people who do take the time to respond, advise and counsel.

Fall in Muskoka

I could go on and on with what I am thankful for – Canada, freedom, a roof over my head, food in my fridge, dollars (as few as they may be right now) in the bank, trips to the cottage, the upcoming ski season… but I will stop right here.

I think I might start making every Monday thanksgiving day and kick it off by making a list of all the great things in my life.  Imagine if everyone focused on the good in their life to start off the week, how different things could be…

What are you thankful for?