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I am pretty sure you can guess by the title where this is going but I will tell you a bit of a story of my last 2 days. I decided to try juicing again but this time with OTG3 and for two days only AND I convinced my other half to give it a try. Huge feat since he is a guys guy who loves his beer, wine, red meat, pizza, wings but he did agree to try it.

My meals for the day

My meals for the day

So the juices came Monday and we started Tuesday. There are six juices and one difference is the yummy cashew milk which my guy says taste like Kaopectate. (Just in case you don’t know what that is – read the wikipedia for Kaopectate) And this time I don’t have that killer cold that had me at home for two days.

Well this time is much tougher and it doesn’t help to have us both cranky and tired each evening. Last night was touch-and-go for a bit! (Actually, my guy never even raises his voice to me but wow was my patience wearing thin as we worked through some projects at night)

Tonight is the last night and even the dogs’ all natural chicken treats look delicious (they are all natural and really just look like chicken jerky).  I actually must confess to breaking down and eating a bunch of steamed asparagus.

I will probably do this again with another juicer – while it is a challenge I do feel better each time I do it and my skin always looks great.

Not sure if they guy will be in to the next one!