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Last weekend I enjoyed 4 days and 3 nights in Boston. I didn’t do much pre-planning but was able to find some of the yummiest places in Beantown thanks to TripAdvisor & some Twitter friends.

Line up behind me - out the door!

Line up behind me – out the door!

First day while wandering around I checked on TripAdvisor for somewhere to eat in the Little Italy area of Boston and found Galleria Umberto (#6 in Boston) The menu is simple but delicious and so cheap. We had some pizza and rice balls – the line up behind me was out the door! I even ordered extra slices to have in the hotel while watching Italy play Brazil.

Too many choices!

Too many choices!

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed back to Little Italy to find the pastry shop friends had recommended – Mike’s Pastry.  We hear they have line ups out the door also. We were one of their first customers that day and took away three cannoli. They have dozens of flavours and had to be the best thing I ever tasted.



And on Monday I couldn’t wait to try Sam LaGrassa’s, number 4 in Boston on TripAdvisor.  They too get line-ups out the door and according to the poster from Drive-ins, Diners and Dives they sell over 2,000 sandwichs a day! They too did not disappoint, piling my sandwich with coleslaw and cheese and turkey.


And I know this is going to sound boring but we frequented the Faneuil Hall Marketplace for dinners. It was so close to the hotel and had such a great energy! I had an amazing clam chowder there the first night and then a shrimp cocktail another night.

Can't resist a bread bowl!

Can’t resist a bread bowl!


Biggest shrimp I ever ate





If it hadn’t been for all the walking and biking I would have gained 10 pounds on this trip! Stay tuned for more posts about where to stay and what to do in Boston.

Take the gun... Leave the cannoli

Take the gun… Leave the cannoli