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As I type this post I am watching videos from the Hope For Paws videos on their site at www.hopeforpaws.org. Each video makes me so sad until they get to the end and the dog is safe and being taken for a bath, a check up and ultimately a new home.

Hope for Paws

Each video is a short glimpse in to the life of stray dog or dogs, living on the street somewhere in the US (now the US must have a bigger problem that we do in Canada because I have yet to see a stray in Toronto).  It is so devastatingly sad to see these animals on the streets, hungry, in pain and scared.

Eldad Hagar

Eldad Hagar

Their angel’s name is Eldad Hagar.  He arrives on scene with cheeseburgers and a leash and unlimited patience.  This man has to be channelling St Francis of Assisi the patrone saint of animals.  He is just amazing.

Hope for Paws is always looking for foster parents, forever homes and donations. So please share this post and watch some of the heart-tugging stories.  Some of my favourites are:

Fionashe was actually blind in both eyes when they found here.  She is quiet famous though, her story went viral!

Gaia –  She had a litter of puppies in the wild after being hit by a car (this video you can find on the Hope for Paws page)

There is one that I can’t find (saw it many months ago) where a stray dog leads Eldad to  her litter she was hiding after he plays sounds of pups whining. It is just the happiest ending!

If you have the time to share their videos, please do – it is the least we can do to support such a great organization.