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This post is inspired by Rob Ford and today’s Toronto Sun (read the article here). Like Rob, I am trying to detox. Unlike him the experience has not been amazing. I am trying to get over caffeine, sugar and processed foods in a hope to get my energy levels up and in general feel better. A friend and I embarked on this journey Saturday with a prep day. Today is day 4 with 6 more to go! (A future post will give you a synopsis of how this all goes – I have my doubts about making it 10 days. Short term goal is Friday.)

I have had cranky moments, hungry moments, aches, pains, headaches. So I am curious on how a man who is trying to get over alcohol and crack cocaine is having an awesome time in week 1! I have watched many an episode of Intervention – shouldn’t it be awful? Isn’t he supposed to be cut off from the rest of the world and his enablers?

How is this man making phone calls and telling reporters it is amazing? And he wants to return phone calls to constituents? I want someone to take away my phone and let me sleep!